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Artists in Wonderland - How We Support Artists with Stickers

Artists in Wonderland - How We Support Artists with Stickers

Supporting Artists like Ten Hundred through the "Artists in Wonderland" Project

If you follow any of the artists involved, or watch artist channels on Youtube, you've probably already heard of the "Artists in Wonderland" project. 

Ten Youtube creators chose a character from Alice in Wonderland to recreate in their style. They made prints, shirts, and stickers of their art. That's where we come in. We had reached out to Ten Hundred (Peter) about a potential sponsorhsip, and we did it at the perfect time. He replied to let me know that he was working on a HUGE project and he would need A LOT of stickers.


Ten Hundred - Jess Karp - BlackBean CMS - Kiptoe - Slew - Doke - Smoe Nova - Lazy Arts - Tee2Sugars - Nick Moody - Bobby Duke

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The Perfect Opportunity:

It was the perfect opportunity. We want TurboVinyl to be a reliable source of top quality stickers and prints for artists like the ones here. We worked closely with Peter (Ten Hundred) to dial in the characteristics of the stickers for this project. This has helped us have an in-depth understanding of what artists want when they are getting their art turned into stickers. 

Premium vinyl, bright ink, and super durable laminate, make for incredible stickers that artists will feel proud to show and sell to people who love their art.

Getting to Work:

We agreed on the amount of stickers that would be needed and got to work. 

The stickers will be for sale at The sales of the stickers will go to support the artists in this project. All ten artists gathered in Michigan to make tons of art together and create videos about the project.

Each artist would post a one video starting on June 8th for a total of 11 videos.

Mural battles, races, live streams, games, tons of art, and even a meet and greet has made for one of the biggest art collaborations of all time.

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